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What's the Single Most Important Skill for Children with ASD to Develop?

Jan 16, 2022


Why is commenting so challenging for children with ASD?

It requires foundational attention and motor skills that are often challenging for children on the spectrum. 

What are these foundational skills? 

1-Motor impairment and sensory difficulties. Researchers estimate that close to 90% of children with ASD present with motor and sensory difficulties. 

2-Attentional challenges. Children with ASD are more likely to present with challenges in orienting attention, maintaining and shifting attention. 

These foundational deficits result in difficulty demonstrating the behavior of commenting, which typically involves coordinating eye contact, pointing, showing objects, and bringing objects to others. 

How can we address these deficits? Task-Oriented Motor (TOM) Activities are a highly efficient, evidence-based approach to improving these foundational skills. 

Check out my book, "Speech Sound Disorders: Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment" at Amazon for how-to digital clips with interactive guides to learn how to create TOM activities today. 

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