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3 Intervention Secrets Workshop

Check out this free workshop now. Learn the three intervention secret strategies that make intervention easy, engaging, and effective. Don't delay. Make your work easy by putting these three highly effective strategies into practice today. 


You May Have Seen Kelly Vess's Research to Practice Preschool SLP Interventions 

Be Ridiculously Effective with the Diverse Populations You Serve! 

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Get ready for all things speech pathology: AAC, ADHD, Apraxia, Articulation Therapy, Autism, Behavior, Early Intervention, Executive Function, Evidence-Based Practice, Gestalt Language, Literacy Intervention, Movement, Multi-Modal Cueing, Narratives, Partnerships, Phonological Awareness, Sensory, Speech Strategies, Target Selection, Technology, Telehealth, and Self-care. 

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What Is Task-Oriented Movement Therapy(TOMTx)?

As an SLP with a high caseload and mounds of paperwork, you might not be making the changes that you know are possible. 

Sometimes what you've learned from school, continuing ed seminars, and even the published 'evidence-based' research, simply aren't working.

Let's change all of that. Let me show you what works (and what doesn't work).

Learn discoveries that took 20 years of successes and challenges to find. 

These discoveries resulted in creating intervention strategies that truly create massive change.

My mission today is to empower you to change the lives of as many children with special needs as possible using only the most effective strategies with TOMTx activities.  

My promise is to help you be ridiculously effective by making your intervention easy, engaging, and effective. 

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 Speech Sound Disorders: 

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment 

Readers Are Saying...

"I was able to visualize and document huge gains in my clients' communication skills, and confidently explain rationales and goals to both my clients and caregivers."

"I administered a treatment approach I was largely unfamiliar with and uncomfortable providing, but became competent and knowledgeable in utilizing the approach and widening my areas of clinical experience."
"This book was mind-blowing and pretty much changed everything that I do at the preschool level. The students' eyes are sparkling in therapy and they are making amazing gains too."
"This is by far my favorite speech pathology book. The videos are awesome. They give me so many great ideas.
I recommend this book to every speech pathologist I know."