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Changing One Life at a Time-You're First. 


Welcome. Thanks for joining me at the drawing board. 

I’m passionate about empowering you with only the most powerful strategies and materials.

We can create immediate life-long change for children with special needs by using strategies that really work.

Check out my book to learn the absolute best practices early on from over 100 actual assessment and therapy video clips with step-by-step interactive guides. 

Not only will you learn from the very best therapy practices for preschoolers, but also be guided to innovate practices and create better.

It's time to change lives, one person at a time. You're first.đź’šKelly


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Let's Create Better!

As a beginning SLP, I simply just wasn't creating the change I knew was possible. 

What I learned from school, hours of seminars, copious amounts of reading and even the published 'evidence-based' strategies simply weren't working.

Today is different. I've learned what works (and what doesn't) from being both a pediatric SLP and a clinical researcher for 20 years.

With every success and challenge came important discoveries.

An accumulation of these discoveries resulted in developing interventions that truly create massive change.

My mission today is to empower other speech-language pathologists to change the lives of as many children with special needs as possible with these interventions.

My promise is to help you be ridiculously effective at creating change today for a much better tomorrow-one person at a time. You're first.

Glad you're here,đź’šKelly







 Speech Sound Disorders: 

Comprehensive Evaluation and Treatment 

Readers Are Saying...

"I was able to visualize and document huge gains in my clients' communication skills, and confidently explain rationales and goals to both my clients and caregivers."

"I administered a treatment approach I was largely unfamiliar with and uncomfortable providing, but became competent and knowledgeable in utilizing the approach and widening my areas of clinical experience."
"This book was mind-blowing and pretty much changed everything that I do at the preschool level. The students' eyes are sparkling in therapy and they are making amazing gains too."
"This is by far my favorite speech pathology book. The videos are awesome. They give me so many great ideas.
I recommend this book to every speech pathologist I know."

Be Ridiculously Effective with the Diverse Populations You Serve! 

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