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COVID Taught Us that the Brain and Body Don't Take Excuses

Jan 16, 2022

If there's anything that COVID has taught us, it's this: The brain and body never take excuses and the results of doing so can be devastating.

This is our year to thrive, not survive. That means no more COVID excuses.

COVID is not going anywhere fast and we can expect reduced attendance as a result. We have to work smarter.

The only way to thrive in therapy with less time is to select more complex treatment targets in speech, language, and literacy with a higher level of multi-modal cueing to ensure success. 

Are you ready to commit to COVID-proofing your progress this year?

Here's how...

To listen to the Podcast. 

To watch it on YouTube: 

To learn how to select challenging treatment targets through video and step-by-step interactive guides in the book.  

Thank you for joining me in this commitment to thrive,

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